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IBUg / Light Installation 2016

Published Date: 06.09.2016


At the IBUg 2016, I had the opportunity to built a giant LED sculpture . It was made with trash and I'm very proud on it .


The IBUg is an Urban Culture Festival in Germany, a lab for international urban artists and a way of life!

One Day in Mepantigan, Bali /Indonesia

Published Date 21.09.2015


This video was taken on my last trip through Indonesia in Mepantigan / Denpasar.

There is a wonderful spiritual place and if you ever in the area take the time to visit.

Rust in Peace - Sprengung Thierbach 2015

Published Date: 22.01.2015


This video shows the demolition of the abandoned Powerplant in Thierbach and its history.

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